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International Symposium in Commemoration of the Establishment of JCCNB

Date September 11
Venue Tokyo International Forum
Chair Seigo Nakamura (Chief Executive Director of JCCNB ,Director of Breast Surgical Oncology, St. Luke’s International Hospital)
  • Joan McClure (Senior Vice President of NCCN)
  • Robert Carlson (Professor of Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center)
  • Richard L. Theriault (Professor of Medicine, Department of Breast Medical Oncology ,The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center)
  • Stephen Edge (Chair, Department of Breast and Soft Tissue Surgery, Roswell Park Cancer Institute)
  • Eun Sook Lee (Chief of Center for Breast Cancer, National Cancer Center, Korea)
  • Hirozo Ueda (Administration Department Director ,National Cancer Center Hospital)
  • Goi Sakamoto (Administrative Director of The Japanese Breast Cancer Society)
  • Tsuguya Fukui (President, St. Luke’s International Hospital)
  • Yuichi Takatsuka (Director, Department of Surgery, Kansai Rosai Hospital)
  • Masakazu Toi (Director, Director、Department of Surgery, Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital)
  • Katsumasa Kuroi (Associate Professor, Showa University ,Toyosu Hospital)
  • Naoto Ueno (Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of Texas ,MD Anderson Cancer Center)
  • Hiroji Iwata (Chief, Department of Breast Surgery, Aichi Cancer Center Hospital)



Mail in survey on Inflammatory Breast Cancer (June 24-August 29)
Shipment : 331establishments
Answer : 87establishments
Percentage of replies : 30 %